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Cryovac Engineering Ltd

Cryovac Engineering Ltd specializes in the repair and refurbishment of vacuum pumps for primary and ultra-high vacuum systems. The service centre based in Lincoln is set up to handle most of the mainstream pump models as listed here. This list is not exhaustive and our team of experts will also provide support and advise on the best course of action to get you back online quickly even if you are dealing with a special pump not listed here.

Opening a vacuum specialized company alongside Applied Materials Technology Limited (AMT) provides access to unparalleled facilities in material sciences. AMT labs are capable of analysing and testing a full range of liquids, gases and solid materials. These facilities and the underlying expertise provide an excellent platform for failure analysis, thereby providing CVE with means to understand conditions of use and the reasons for component failures. This allows us to engineer and provide better alternatives in order to make the products more robust with improved performance and longevity. CVE has established a supplier relationship with Kashiyama for its high efficiency small dry pumps and a UK sales and service distribution agreement for Hanbell medium to large dry pump installations. These are new generation pump systems which offer advantages to customers with high reliability delivered with reduced maintenance and power demand leading to reduced cost of ownership.

CVE plans to build a centre for training in industrial vacuum engineering alongside its service business in order train new generations of vacuum pump engineers.

meet our team

Here at Cryovac Engineering, we are dedicated in the work we carry out. We will always ensure a friendly and professional service!

Manny Buttigieg

Engineering Director

Manny is a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer and Workshop / Service Manager with 32 years hands-on and 29 years international experience throughout North America, South East Asia and Europe.

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David Newcombe

Project Manager

David has a lifetime’s experience with industrial power systems research and development, starting his career with Parsons Turbines , and subsequently with GEC and Dynex Semiconductors as a materials expert specialising in materials analysis relating to high reliability designs.

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Iain Glass

Group Director

Iain Glass, Group Managing Director, is the creative force behind Applied Materials Technology. Iain trained originally in industrial chemistry and spent formative career years working in the power electronics industry with GEC Plessey where he managed technical plating operations.

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Robin Young

Business Development Director

Robin Young read Metallurgy and Materials Science at Oxford before a stage at the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne followed by a PhD at Surrey on Materials Processing.

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