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When gas leaves the compressor, the gas contains heat and compressor lubricant. Both must be removed. From the compressor, the hot gas with its entrained oil flows over the motor winding, where the gas loses some of its suspended oil, then out of the shell and through one circuit of a three-circuit heat exchanger, where it is cooled. Next, the gas passes through the oil separator and the adsorber for oil and moisture removal. From the adsorber, the high-pressure gas is supplied to the cold head through gas lines.

Through the system gas return line, low-pressure gas from the cold head flows into the compressor.

A gas line containing an internal by-pass solenoid valve connects the high-pressure line to the low-pressure line. The by-pass valve will open to prevent overloading the motor when the system gas lines are not connected to the compressor.



    Compressors | Our Services

    All compressors go though a stringent procedure taking care of the following:-

  • External photographs are taken prior to overhaul and any abnormalities are reported immediately
  • Servicing and Testing accessories
  • Covers removed and internal areas inspected and photographs are taken any abnormalities are reported immediately
  • Absorbers replaced using our re-usable adsorber
  • Capsule oil changes can be carried out (CVE has its own developed dehydration procedures ensuring oil quality and NO impurities)
  • Arrays stripped, cleaned and recoated and new carbon installed
  • Electronic repairs
  • Solenoid replacements available
  • Capsule replacements available (No need for expensive OEM compressor exchanges) one year warranty.
  • Leaking cooling circuits can now be replaced
  • View our Step by Step Process - Click Here

    Compressors | Manufacturers C.V.E are capable of overhauling:-

  • Brooks (CTI)
  • Oerlikon Leybold
  • Varian
  • Ebara
  • Oxford Instruments
  • Sumitomo

  • C.V.E can now extend the life of your ageing compressors. We have today successfully worked on replacement capsules delivering high standards of reliability at an affordable price and never compromising quality and performance. Watch this space as C.V.E will soon supply low energy compressors using your existing used, depreciated equipment This is a true Green Carbon Footprint reusing your existing machines and meeting the low energy we are all striving to introduce.


We specialize in the repair of vacuum pumps for primary and ultra-high vacuum. Most manufacturers’ models are catered for in the Lincoln service centre. Even if the model is not listed, our team of experts will provide support and advise on the best course of action to get you back online.

Opening a vacuum specialized company alongside Applied Materials Technology Limited (AMT) provides unparalleled avenues in material sciences. AMT labs are capable of analysing a full range of liquids, gases and solid materials, enabling CVE to understand conditions of use and reasons for failures, and therefore provide alternatives in order to make the products more robust and fit for purpose.

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